[ME -th, -the < OE -thu, -tho, -th, akin to Goth -itha (< IE * -ita > L -ta, Sans -tā): in words such as height, sleight, the -th has become -t] suffix forming nouns
1. the act of ____ing [growth]
2. the state or quality of being or having [wealth, depth]
-th, -eth
[ME -the < OE -tha, -the, -otha, -othe < IE * -tos > Gr -tos, L -tus; in fifth, sixth, eleventh, twelfth, it replaced the orig. OE -ta, -te] suffix
forming ordinal numerals [fourth, ninth]: Also, after a vowel, -eth
[ME < OE: see -ETH2] suffix

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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